Letter to Parents and Guardians

With the start of a new academic and athletic year, we want to inform you of the accident insurance policies the school purchases each year for its athletes. The policies we have offers' secondary coverage to the athlete's primary coverage. Primary coverage is the health policy the student has access to on a daily basis, generally provided by a parent or guardian's plan, but can be a policy on the individual student. A sample of how this

If your daughter "Jane", a Mary Baldwin College athlete, is injured during soccer practice with a severe ankle sprain, then the head Athletic trainer may refer her to a physician or emergency room to rule out a fracture. When Jane is to receive any medical care, her health policy (primary policy) is what will be given to all medical providers. All out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and co-pays continue to be the responsibility of Jane.

What Jane can do through our secondary insurance policy is request reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-pays, and even items that may not have been covered by the primary carrier. A short claim form must be completed, and signed by the parent/guardian (or student if she is adult age). The form must be submitted to the administrator to the address on the claims form. We recommend getting this form to the administrator within 30 days. If submitted after 90 days, coverage can be denied.

All correspondence must be conducted directly with the claims services administrator. Not Mary Baldwin College. The claim services are handled by NAHGA, (contact info will be with the claims form.) The claims form can be obtained by contacting the Head Athletic Trainer at Mary Baldwin College. The claims form will include instructions on "How to File a Claim".

Mary Baldwin College is not involved in any of the decisions regarding claims. However, if you experience a problem during the claims handling process, we want to help. Please notify the Head Trainer or contact our agent, and she/he can put you in touch with someone to assist you.

The policies we have purchased are broad and extensive in the scope of the coverage's and limits. With that said, we can not make any promises or implications about the outcome of reimbursement. Each individual's policy and the injury circumstances can vary greatly, thus we have no way to determine what will be reimbursed or not. Coverage may not be available, as in the case of pre-existing conditions generally being excluded. This policy is intended to defray the costs of medical expenses that occur with injuries from athletic participation; it is not absolute coverage for all medical expenses due to injury. If you want to look at the policy language, you can obtain one from contacting Rick Czerwinski.

It will be the athlete's and/or parent/guardian's responsibility for coordinating explanation of benefits, receipts of payments, itemized bills, completed claim form and other required paperwork to be forwarded to NAHGA. For questions please contact them first. If you need assistance contact our Head Athletic Trainer or our local insurance agent (both listed below).


  1. Head Athletic Trainer: Mr. Charles Angersbach
    Mary Baldwin College
    Physical Activities Center
    Staunton, Va. 24401
  2. NAHGA Claim Services
    P.O. Box 189
    Bridgton, Maine 04009-0189
  3. Agent:
    Bankers Insurance, LLC
    Contact: Tumey McIntyre or Susan Holsinger
    P.O. Box 510
    Staunton, Va. 24402-0510
  4. Rick Czerwinski
    Mary Baldwin College
    Business Office
    Staunton, Va. 24401