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The MBU Fight Song

Cheer on the Mighty Baldwin;
Cheer on the Fighting Squirrels.
Let’s work together for victory —
Let’s get a win for M … B … C … !
Sisters across the ages,
Ignite us with your awesome strength and power;
Let’s show Gladys what we can do
And make this Baldwin’s finest hour!

The “Mary Baldwin College Fight Song,” which debuted in 2008, is sung to the traditional “Blue and Gold” tune also used by the Staunton Military Academy. SMA closed in 1976, and MBC purchased the campus and expanded its own campus from 19 acres to 54. MBC’s athletic fields once were used by SMA cadets for athletic events and military parades.

Mary Baldwin honors the proud history and ongoing legacy of SMA by adopting its fight song melody, carrying the SMA flag in parades, and in many other ways.


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